Fee policy

Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

Coin/Token Minimum withdrawal amount Sales Fee (%) Purchase fee (%) Deposit fee Withdrawal fee (%)
0.001 Maker 0.5 Taker 0.5 Free 0.001
0.01 Maker 0.5 Taker 0.5 Free 0.003
100 Maker 0.5 Taker 0.5 Free 0.003
10 Maker 0.5 Taker 0.5 Free 0
5 Maker 0.5 Taker 0.5 Free 3

OTEX internal deposit is free of charge.

Small deposit and withdrawal fees will be charged at a fixed amount per case.

Criteria for small deposits

The number of non-approved transactions of virtual assets and the overload of virtual asset wallets continues to increase.

In order to maintain the rate, liquidity, and security of virtual assets, a deposit fee will be charged when depositing virtual assets below the standard of small deposits.

For smooth deposit and withdrawal of all customers, please avoid small deposits as much as possible and collect and deposit small amounts at once.

Minimum deposit basis

BTC (Bitcoin) 0.005
ETH (Ethreum) 0.01
KISC(Kaisercoin) 100
BBT (Blocktoken) 5
USDT (ERC20) 5